Truda Today

The factories run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week – crafting every single snack, every single day. Truda snacks are found everywhere from wholesalers, to spaza shops and in most taxi ranks, making Truda snacks the perfect snack between work, school and home.

Keeping our Truda staff happy and efficient is one of our top priorities. All production teams have different brightly colored shirts to forge a feeling of teamwork, they play their music – load as hell at night, we share our profits among our hardworking staff and we are dedicated to making the factories a clean, comfortable and dynamic space. There are many smiles in the world of Truda, and we’d like to keep it that way. Fun people making Fun Snacks.

We try our hardest to be environmentally conscious. The Pietermaritzburg factory has rehabilitated a surrounding wetland, and the team has planted indigenous plants which is slowly bringing back natural wildlife and encouraging a homegrown ecosystem. We let the natural grasses grow tall and provide seeds for the birds. Rather than mow a lawn we invite the local Nguni cattle to crop the grasses. Around 20% of our, rather expensive, industrial property is dedicated to wildlife conservation, but it’s worth it. We sometimes feels as if we are working in a game park!!

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